Thursday, December 31, 2009

star of bethlehem

There is agreat website that I found which talks about what the star of bethlehem might have been and also talks about proof of a crucifiction date of 33 ad. It is It is encouraging because my belief of a 2bc Gregorian date of Tishri 15 and therefore Hebrew year 1bc (Tishri 1 is our Jan 1st) of the birth of Christ is a minority view. Also it is nice to see secular history back up the claims of the bible.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

transit of venus

There is a transit of venus that is going to occur on June 6, 2012, 10 or 11 days after pentecost. The transits occurs in pairs 8 years apart so there was one in June of 2004. Then they alternate 105.5 years and 121.5 years apart. So the last pair was in December of 1874 and 1882 and then before that was June of 1761 and 1769. If you continue that through to 4000bc the beginning of mortality you find some very interesting things out. The June 2004 and 2012 transit is the 50th pair of transits (remember 50 days from sabbath is pentecost and pentecost of 2012 is rapture). Christ was born at the exact center of the 33rd and 34th pair of transits (December 63 bc to Sep 2bc =60 years and 9 months Sep 2bc to June 60 ad =60 years and 9 months) Remember that Christ lived 33 1/2 years. Remember also that Christ was born at the exact center of the hebrew calendar that I have on the first blog. The 7 year famine of Joseph began in 1764bc when the 19th set of transits just happened. The great trib will start at the end of the 50th.
On a side note Venus is symbolic of the bride of the Father (church) according to biblical astronomers and the sun is symbolic of the Father. Could the transit be a picture in the heavens (just as the star of bethlehem was a picture in the heavens of a king being born)) of the rapture? Interesting

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A reminder that God has not audibly spoken to me

I again want to make clear that although the evidence is very compelling that 2012 and 2015 seem to be very special dates to God and therfore us, God has not audibly spoken to me so I can not say this is 100% going to happen. Only God knows for sure. But I hope this blog blesses you with the sense that He is coming soon and we who are His bride will meet Him face to face soon which is very exciting, inspiring, and scary.

sept 11

Sept 11, 2001 was elul 23 on the jewish calendar and 7 jewish years later Elul 23 fell on sept 23, 2008. Then 7 gregorian years (our calendar) to sept 23, 2015 day of atonement when Jesus begins millenial reign. I originally had said that Sept 11, 3001 was feast of trumpets and beginning of year 7001 or the 8th day. But I was wrong. Sept 22, 3000 is the beginning of the 8th day. The no 0 year screwed up my math.

Friday, December 11, 2009

69 weeks of 7

444bc Artaxerxes decree for Nehemiah to 33ad crucufiction was 69x7 prophetic years which is about 476 years and 24 days. From the 1539ad rebuilding of walls to Day of Atonement Sept 23, 2015 when Jesus begins millenial reign is also 69x7 prophetic years or 476+ years. From 1462 bc exodus to 986 bc death of King David (a type of Messiah) was 476 years and from 1462 bc exodus to 986 bc beginning of Solomon's glorious reign (a type of millenial reign of Messiah) was also then 476 years.

Redeeming of first born

Jesus was born in the year 4000 (40x10x10)which would make sense according to how God has used the number 40 in the bible as a type of probation period before God does some type of new work. Then in a 7000 year period there would be 3000 years left until the end of this age and His church is completely redeemed to perfection. In Numbers 18:16 God commanded the Israelites to redeem their firstborn at the age of 30 days for 5 shekels (1 shekel=20gerah) which is 100 gerah. 30X100=3000. When Israel entered Egypt with his party of 70 (gen 46:27) he was 130 (gen 47:28. Therefore it was 300 years (30x10) until the Exodus where the Israelited were redeemed. So according to how God has used numbers in the bible it makes perfect sense that Jesus was born at the year 4000 which was 1bc hebrew year.