Sunday, December 27, 2009

transit of venus

There is a transit of venus that is going to occur on June 6, 2012, 10 or 11 days after pentecost. The transits occurs in pairs 8 years apart so there was one in June of 2004. Then they alternate 105.5 years and 121.5 years apart. So the last pair was in December of 1874 and 1882 and then before that was June of 1761 and 1769. If you continue that through to 4000bc the beginning of mortality you find some very interesting things out. The June 2004 and 2012 transit is the 50th pair of transits (remember 50 days from sabbath is pentecost and pentecost of 2012 is rapture). Christ was born at the exact center of the 33rd and 34th pair of transits (December 63 bc to Sep 2bc =60 years and 9 months Sep 2bc to June 60 ad =60 years and 9 months) Remember that Christ lived 33 1/2 years. Remember also that Christ was born at the exact center of the hebrew calendar that I have on the first blog. The 7 year famine of Joseph began in 1764bc when the 19th set of transits just happened. The great trib will start at the end of the 50th.
On a side note Venus is symbolic of the bride of the Father (church) according to biblical astronomers and the sun is symbolic of the Father. Could the transit be a picture in the heavens (just as the star of bethlehem was a picture in the heavens of a king being born)) of the rapture? Interesting

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