Friday, December 11, 2009

Redeeming of first born

Jesus was born in the year 4000 (40x10x10)which would make sense according to how God has used the number 40 in the bible as a type of probation period before God does some type of new work. Then in a 7000 year period there would be 3000 years left until the end of this age and His church is completely redeemed to perfection. In Numbers 18:16 God commanded the Israelites to redeem their firstborn at the age of 30 days for 5 shekels (1 shekel=20gerah) which is 100 gerah. 30X100=3000. When Israel entered Egypt with his party of 70 (gen 46:27) he was 130 (gen 47:28. Therefore it was 300 years (30x10) until the Exodus where the Israelited were redeemed. So according to how God has used numbers in the bible it makes perfect sense that Jesus was born at the year 4000 which was 1bc hebrew year.

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