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2012,2015,rapture, God's time patterns

This blog is a summary of what I have been studying for the last year and what I feel God has revealed to me. I do give dates based on historical patterns and biblical numbers. However, God has not spoken to me audibly so I want to emphasize that I may be wrong! I do not want to be known as a date setter. Posting this study is an act of faith. The men's group I am in is finishing up the book Risk by Kenny Luck. I realize I am risking much by posting this, but if in faith I believe it is true and I do not share this with the world, what kind of weak and faithless man am I. I serve the Great and Awesome God who gave all for me!

The scope of this study is to show that God intended this mortal world to last for 6 days or 6 thousand years and there would be 1 day or 1000 years of rest, the millenial reign. Then I will show the results of my study which indicate to me that the church is raptured on Pentecost 2012, antichrist starts his 3 year "hour" of time on feast of trumpets 2012, and Christ returns feast of trumpets 2015. Again, I may be wrong on the exact dates but I believe my study shows there is a good chance of it happening.

The goal of this study is to wake people up. I have been woken up. It is so easy in America to get caught up in the fast-paced lifestyles we live. We have goals for work, hobbies, retirement plans, kids, etc. With the majority of our energy sucked into our goals, which can be all good things when balanced, we leave little or no time for God and His desires, which are always great. We assume we have tomorrow, we put off witnessing to the family member or friend the Holy Spirit is leading us to, we put off spending time with God which we absolutely need, we put off prayer time and try to do it all ourselves, we forget this is just our temporary home, eternity is waiting. Are you ready to meet your Redeemer and Creator? Are you living a life in communion with the God who came to give you life and give it to you in abundance? (John 10:10)

2 Peter 3:8 with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and as a thousand years a day

Psalm 90:4 For a thousand years in Thy sight are like yesterday

Epistle of Barnabas 15:4 Give heed children what this meaneth: He ended in six days, He meaneth this that in six thousand years the Lord shall bring all things to an end for the day with Him signifyeth a thousand years, and this He himself beareth me witness saying Behold the day of the Lord shall be as a thousand years. Therefore children, in six days, that is in six thousand years everything shall come to an end

Are there also examples in the bible of a day=1000years.

-Adam was told he would die in the day that he ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (gen 2:17) We are always told yes he died spiritually. But if 1 day=1000 years and Adam lived to 930 then he also died in the first day.

-In the second day of creation God created the expanse and put it as a separation between the waters above and below. This is the only day that was not called good or very good. The second millenium(or day) of mortality was the flood (1656 years later) where the fountains of the deep were opened and the floodgates of the sky opened.

-The Passover lamb was chosen on Nisan 10 and slaughtered on Nisan 14 twilight -4 days later. Christ was the passover lamb chosen from the foundation of the world. Eph 1:4+, Rev 13:8-9

Christ was born in the year 4000 and crucified in the year 4032. Again 4 "days" from the choosing of the lamb at the foundation of the world to the crucifiction

-Hosea 6:2 He will revive us after 2 days;He will raise us up on the third day. At the end of 2 "days" Israel and Jerusalem were revived, on the 3rd "day" we will be raptured

-Days 1-5 of creation are called a second day, a third day, a fourth day, a fifth day. Days 6+7 are called the sixth day and the seventh day. Rabbis teach that the sixth day refers to the only feast that falls on the sixth day-Pentecost Sivan 6. The seventh day refers to the sabbath of rest of Christ's 1000 year reign

-matt 17:1-2 After 6 days Jesus was transfigured

-the seventh day is a sabbath

-the seventh year is a sabbath

-Ex 24:16 On the seventh day the Lord called to Moses on the mountain

-Ex 19:11 Let them be ready for the third day, for on the third day the Lord will come down on Mount Sinai in the sight of all the people

Proposed Timeline

4007-4001bc 1 perfect week of years
4000bc Adam sinned and mortality of 7000 years begins
2345 bc Noah turn 600 years old (1656 years of geneology of Genesis 5 to Noah turning 600)
2344 Flood
2343 New earth
2342 Arpachshad born 2 years after flood (Genesis 11:10)(first born of new creation)
4007-1666 years(34(2x17) jubilees) =end of year 2342 (year 4007 inclusive)
Jubilee sounded Tishri 10 of Hebrew year 2341
2052 birth of Abraham(290 year geneology of Genesis 11:10-26)
1952 birth of Isaac
1892 birth of Jacob (this is the starting point of 430 years until exodus)
1462 Exodus
1460 Spies bad report, were to enter promised land
4007-2548 years(52(4x13)jubilees)= end of year 1460 (year 4007 inclusive)
Jubilee sounded Tishri 10 of Hebrew year 1459
1422 Enter promised land, beginning of 70 jubilees of Daniel 9
1bc (Hebrew year) Tabernacle birth of Jesus (Tishri 15, circumcised 8th day Simchat Torah)
(John the Baptist born in 2bc on passover)
Jews left cup out for Elijah (John the Baptist) on Passover because expecting him then
(1422-1=1421 years which is 29 jubilees)
29 ad baptized at fall feast and then 40 days of temptation (Hebrew year 30 ad baptized on Simchat Torah)
30 ad begins “hour”(Hebrew hour 1080 parts=3 x 360 days)of ministry at Passover
33 ad crucified and resurrected
Nisan 10 presented as spotless lamb, then inspected by Pharisees
Nisan 14 crucified
Nisan 15 was unleavened bread in ground
Sunday morning feast of first fruits, morrow after Sabbath Jesus resurrects as first fruits
1948 May 14 Israel becomes nation
1967 June 7 Israel takes control of Jerusalem
2008 Feast of trumpets (Sept 29) Dow drops 777 points (Hebrew year 2009 Tishri 1)
2550 days (1290+1260) to September 23, 2015
Becomes final week of Daniel’s 70 weeks because Messiah was rejected
Jesus 3 ½ year ministry already completed ½ of final week
Anti-christ wants to duplicate Jesus so will have 3 ½ years
2009 Passover- 70 jubilees of Daniel has ended
Jesus began 3 year public ministry on Passover (first ½ was baptism on Simchat Torah, 40 days in wilderness and calling of disciples. John 2 miracle at Cana Jesus says my hour has not yet come. Hebrew hour divide into 1080 parts or 3 years of 360 days)

2012 Daniel 12:11,12
September 29, 2008 +1290 days =April 11, 2012 Nisan 19 (33ad is year called Nisan 19)
Nisan 14 passover April 6
Antichrist 3 ½ year ministry begin April 11
Is he “baptized” with the devil for ½ year first
September 29, 2008 +1335 days= May 26, 2012 (Pentecost May 27,but begins sundown on the 26th) Are we raptured with the restrainer taken away (2 Thess 2:6)

September 17, 2012 (Feast of Trumpets Hebrew year 2013) to September 23, 2015 is the same period of time (1101 days inclusive of cleansing day) From Antiochus Epiphanes ( a type of anti –christ) (15th Kislev 168bc-25th Kislev 165bc)(short year or did profaning of temple happen after the morning and evening sacrifices of the 15th) profaning the temple to it being cleansed.
SO does his “hour” start September 17, 2012

September 14, 2015 (Feast of trumpets Hebrew year 2016) Jesus returns
10 days of awe in between Feast of trumpets and Day of Atonement
September 23, 2015 (Day of atonement) Jesus sets up 1000 year prophetic reign which runs until pentecost of 3001
Tishri 10 the Jubilee is sounded 7007 years =143 jubilees
8th day Simchot Torah is God’s permanent tabernacle with us
The 144th jubilee is eternal one

What led me to start looking into all of this?
We saw a DVD by Jewish pastor Mark Biltz explaining how Jesus fulfilled all the spring feasts exactly at His first coming, and that He would fulfill all the fall feasts at His second coming.

Lev 23:1,2 And the Lord spoke to Moses , saying, speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, The feasts of the Lord, which you shall proclaim, holy convocations, even these are My appointed feasts.
Convocations-strongs definition ;something called out in public,i.e. a public meeting, also a rehearsal

Spring feast fulfilled
Passover –Nisan 14- Jesus was the Passover lamb
Unleavened bread-Nisan 15-21- Jesus was the unleavened bread of life in the ground
First Fruits-morrow after the Sabbath- Jesus was the first fruits
Pentecost-(partially fulfilled) Holy Spirit given on this day(Acts) same day Israelites received 10 commandments. All about the covenant between God and His bride

Fall Feasts
Feast of Trumpets-Tishri 1
Idioms for:
The time of Jacob’s trouble
The Day of the Awakening Blast
The day of Judgement/The Opening of the Books/Opening of the gates
The Hidden Day
Wedding of the Messiah
Coronation of the Messiah
Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement Tishri 10
The holiest day of the year when the holiest man would go into the holiest place to atone for the sins of Israel. The trumpet of Jubilee was to be sounded on this day. Judgement considered sealed

Feast of tabernacles-Tishri 15-21 7 day feast with the 8th day called Simchat Torah-day God will finally tabernacle with us. To be a feast of joy(Jesus birth) The 7th day is called the last and greatest day when judgement delivered.

He also spoke of Sept 23, 2015 (Day of Atonement) being some type of a significant date to God.
It is exactly 49 prophetic years (7 weeks of Daniel 9:25) after Jerusalem was taken over by Israel on June 7, 1967 and during the years 2014 and 2015 there are 4 blood red moons and 2 solar eclipses all on Jewish feast days.
2014 and 2015 Passover-lunar eclipses
2014 and 2015 Sukkot- lunar eceipses
Nisan 1 2015 solar eclipse
Feast of Trumpets 2015 solar
The last time there were 4 blood red moons on jewish holidays in a 2 year span like this was 1967-68 when Jerusalem was taken back, then 1949-50 the year after Israel became a nation, and then in 1493-94 the year after Jews were kicked out of Spain. The eclipses are also significant because Joel 2:31, Matthew 24:29, and Revelation 6:12 all talk about the moon turning to blood and the sun darkened when Jesus returns.
Later I found out that 434 prophetic years (62 weeks of Daniel 9:25) from june 7, 1967 took you to August 25th, 1539. From 1535-1541 an Ottoman Sultan named Suleiman (Solomon) the Magnificent rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem.

Then we decided to look up what happened on September 29, 2008, The feast of trumpets which would be 7 years earlier and potentially the start of the 7 year great tribulation. The news headline was “the blackest day for banks and the Dow drops 777 points. WOW that has got to be a sign from God I thought.

Ezekiel’s 430 days prophecy + 2730+ 2520 prophecies
I then started looking at different prophecies in the bible and how they were linked to the nation of Israel being reborn on May 14, 1948 and Jerusalem being taken over by Israel on June 7, 1967

In Ezekiel 4 God commanded Ezekiel to lay on his side for 430 days representing a day for each year of iniquity of the 2 kingdoms. 390 days for 390 years of iniquity of the northern kingdom and 40 days for 40 years of the southern kingdom.
In those 430 years the land missed 70 sabbaths (61 seven year Sabbaths and 9 jubilee sabbaths) Judah was removed from the land for 70 years, a year for each Sabbath. (Jeremiah 25:12 prophecy)
God also told the Israelites in Leviticus 26:18,21,24,27 that they would be punished 7x for their sins if they continued in their sin.

The following timeline is a historically accurate timeline (Wikipedia it) What I mean is that there is so much evidence historically for the dates, the only argument would be 1 year earlier or later whereas people can argue forever about the birth of Christ within 5 years and the exodus within 40 years.

725-722 bc the northern kingdom fell to the Assyrians never to come back again
606 bc summer-first siege against Judah (Daniel taken captive to Babylon)
597 bc second siege (Ezekiel taken captive)
589-587 bc final siege Jerusalem captured, temple burned on 9th of Av (August)
573 bc Ezekiel receives vision of temple from God
539 bc Babylon conquered by King Cyrus (Darius the Mede reigns for 2 years first)
539 bc Daniels 70 weeks prophecy
537 bc July- King Cyrus issues decree that jews can return to homeland
Isaiah 44:28-45:3 God named Cyrus as the one who would free His people
518 bc August –Ezra 5+6 decree to rebuild temple
515 bc April- 2nd temple dedicated
473 bc Nisan 1-pur cast

Nisan 13 -decree to kill all Jews
Sivan 23 -decree for Jews to defend themselves
Sivan 23-Adar13- many people became Jews
472 bc Adar 14, 15 First feast of Purim

Summer 606 first siege – July 537 Cyrus decree= 70 prophetic years just as God promised (Jeremiah 25:12)
August 587 temple burned –August 518 Ezra decree=70 prophetic years just as God promised
The book of Revelation uses all prophetic years: 42 months is 1260 days, 3 ½ years is 1260 days
The flood in Genesis was for 5 months, 150 days
A prophetic year is 360 days per year
God told the Israelites they would be punished 7x for their sins. The northern kingdom never returned to their land. Their original iniquity was 390 years x 7 =2730 years
725 bc + 2730 prophetic years (2730x360/365.25=2690.76 years)= around June 7, 1967
October 725 would take you to June 1967

The southern kingdom returned after 70 years but continued in their iniquity. Their additional punishment is
7x360(430-70)=2520 years
518 bc August + 2520 prophetic years(2520x360/365.25=2483.78 years)= June 7, 1967

Both prophecies converge on the date Jerusalem was restored (which again is also 49 prophetic years before Day of Atonement September 23, 2015)

July 537 decree + 2520 prophetic years= May 14, 1948 Israel becomes a nation
This was Pentecost on the 360 day calendar and 30 days before Pentecost on Jewish calendar

573 Ezekiel vision of temple chapters 40-48 started on Nisan 10 (the same day Jesus presented himself as the spotless lamb and the same day the Israelites crossed the Jordan into the promised land). Nisan 10 is 25 days before Lyar 5 (May 14, 1948). This is a long vision maybe it was one day but I wonder if it was a series and lasted through Lyar 5 or maybe even Pentecost. Then 573 bc + 2520 actual years would take you to May 14, 1948 also

722 bc + 2730 actual years =2009 If they were conquered finally on Passover 722 it would take you to Passover 2009 which I will explain the significance of later

587 August+ 2520 years takes you to August 1934 (Hitler named Fuhrer of Germany August 2, 1934)

AWESOME! Do a flow chart of this
539 (Daniel 9:24-27 -70 weeks prophecy(also talks of 7+62 weeks ) + 2520 prophetic years takes you to 1946. I believe it takes you exactly to Sept 25, 1946 Feast of Trumpets (Cyrus conquered in October 539 and vision would have to be in Nov/Dec 539 around Kislev 5/6) which is 70 prophetic years before Sept 23, 2015 Notice the two 70’s. Also Daniel talks about 62 weeks and 69 weeks (62+7). Feast of trumpets 1946 plus 62 years is 2008 feast of trumpets where the dow fell 777 points. 7 more years (69 total =finality from the father of mans opposition to God) takes you to 2015 feast of trumpets where I believe Jesus will return. 66 years (666 is devil, 6 x11 = incompleteness of man falling short of God) is from 1946 to 2012 feast of trumpets where anti-christ starts his “hour”. Then 69 prophetic years before sept 23, 2015 is 70 days before the 1947 United Nations decree on Israel. Also 66 years after 539 bc is 473 bc where Haman a type of anti-christ is defeated.

Feast of Purim celebration of Queen Esther, Mordecai., and the Jews victory over Haman (a type of anti-christ) is celebrated on Adar 14+15 (472 bc March). The pur was cast Nisan 1, the decree to kill the jews was Nisan 13, and the decree for the jews to defend themselves was sivan 23 If you add 2520 prophetic years to 473 it takes you to 2012. (473 Sivan 23 to 2012 Nisan 19)

Why did God continue to use these 2520 year prophetic linkings? 2520 is 7(divine perfection) X 360 (3x10x12) 360 degrees in a circle signify completion. God uses 360 days in a prophetic year to signify completion. I believe 2520 represents divine completion

Awesome! Do a flow chart
Cyrus means sun or like the sun. Look what God says about him in Isaiah 44+45. He is a type of Messiah. Cyrus conquered 67 years after 606 and 48 years after 587. These are linked to 537, and 518 which are linked to 1948 and 1967. 67 years from 1948 and 48 years from 1967 is 2015. 64 years from 537 is 473 and 45 years from 518 is 473. Again 537 and 518 are linked to 1948 and 1967. 64 and 45 years from those dates is 2012.

Jesus and Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27)
“Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city…So you are to know and discern that from issuing a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the prince there will be seven weeks and sixty two weeks….after the sixty two weeks Messiah will be cut off”
-Weeks mean sets of 7 and also sets of 7’s (jubilee is 7x7)

Ezra 7:8 decree(different from chapter 5 and 6 above) occurred in 458 bc +490(70X7) years= 33 ad when Jesus crucified
Nehemiah 2 decree in 444 bc +483(69x7) prophetic years = Passover 33 ad when Jesus crucified

Jesus was crucified at the time prophesied 62+7 weeks of years (69x7). And it dealt with the holy city Jerusalem being the starting point.
The Ottoman Turk Sultan rebuilding the walls in 1539+62 weeks = June 7, 1967+7 weeks = the messiah for the second time

I believe what God was saying in Daniel 9 is that in 70 weeks of years I will bring the promised Messiah to accomplish Daniel 9:24 You chose to reject Him as I knew you would. Therefore the gospel is going to the gentiles and then there is 70 jubilees from the command to start counting them when you entered the promised land in 1422bc to the new final week which Jesus already accomplished the first ½. I will talk about this later

Do numbers mean any thing to God. Names do in the Bible and I believe strongly numbers do also. How many reoccurring 7’s,3’s,40’s,12’s are there in the Bible. A lot.
Meanings of numbers
3-divine completeness / fullness (trinity, Jesus rose on 3rd day, 3 wise men, Israelites met God on third day)
4-world / creation (4 winds, 4 corners of earth)
5-grace (Received grace during 5th day (of thousand years))
6-man / opposition to God / falling short of God (7-1=6) (666-satan)
7 spiritual perfection
8- new beginnings/creation (the eighth is the first)
9-finality from father/ judgement
10-ordinal perfection
12- governmental perfection
17-10+7 spiritual order /victory
20-2x10 expectation
40 probation period
70 universality
120 (3x40)divine period of probation
squaring a number intensifies it: 7x7= jubilee, 10x10x10 is millennial reign

I believe God is a gracious and compassionate God and although the bible states that He will return and their will be a time of great tribulation (which is a warning in and of itself) I believe God will give more warnings beforehand. There are many 40 year probation periods in the bible: Jesus, Ninevah, spies, Moses. There is also one big 120 year period of warning:Noah before the flood. So I thought if there is something to 2015, (beside the big Daniel’s 70 weeks warning) God would have given us more warnings because He is a gracious and compassionate God.
We have already seen that from Sept 23, 2015 we had a 49 year prophetic warning. 70 prophetic years earlier was Feast of Trumpets 1946(which I believe is linked by 2520 prophetic years to Daniel’s vision in 539 bc). 430 days later was the United Nations decree on Nov 29, 1967 to allow Israel to become a nation. Interesting that from the birth of Jacob to the Exodus was 430 years.
If Christ returns on Feast of Trumpets September 14, 2015 was there any warnings. 7 years earlier on Feast of trumpets the DOW dropped 777 points. 120 prophetic years earlier was exactly Pentecost 1897-June 5 (night of to 2nd day of feast). Theodore Herzl is the father of the Zionist movement. He started the first publication Die Welt in June of 1897 (possibly the 4-6th)that was devoted to the Zionist movement. On August 30 1897 (86 days (2x43(43 root of 430) after June 5) at the first Zionist congress which he founded he wrote in his diary “today I founded the Jewish state”.
Jesus says in Matthew 24:32-34,37 “Now learn the parable of the fig tree:when its branch has already become tender and out forth its leaves, you know summer is near…recognize that He is near right at the door… this generation will not pass away until all these things take place…For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like in the days of Noah”
Most people believe the fig tree represents Israel and its birth as a nation in 1948. In Psalm 90:10 Moses calls a generation 70 years. 1948 + 70 years =2018,, The longest a generation could possibly be is 100 years or 2048
What I find amazing in the above passage is the end will be like in “days of Noah” which God gave a 120 year warning before and Jesus talks about it right after He is talking about the fig tree. The seed was planted 120 prophetic years earlier and “put forth its leaves” in 1948”.
I know in Matthew 24:36 Jesus also says”but of the day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the father alone”. As pastor Mark Biltz points out the feast of trumpets is the only feast celebrated on the new moon. No one ever knew back then the exact day of the new moon, You needed two witnesses to testify of seeing it, and what if it was cloudy. Also some jews were left in captivity during the Diaspora and they needed to know. It became a celebration of 2 days, known as one long day, and was known as the Feast where no one knows “the day or hour” it would begin. It was also jewish custom that the groom would tell the bride “I am going back to my father’s house to build the bridal chamber, I do not know when I will return only my father knows.” We are the bride of Christ
I If April 11, 2012 is the day of anti-christ beginning his 3 ½ year period is there any warning. Since this is a bad day for Israel I would expect it would be linked to bad events in the past.
- On april 11, 2006 (6 years prior(6 being number of man in opposition to God)) Iran announced it successfully enriched uranium. Iran’s leader believes their messiah will only come through Armegeddon, that is why he wants the nuclear bomb so badly.
- 40 prophetic years earlier was Nov 7, 1972. 10 days prior on oct 28, 1972 Anwar Saddat declared war on Israel and went to war in 1973 on Day of Atonement. 32 years (4x8) later is Day of Atonemnt 9-23-15, the new beginning of creation in the 1000 year reign.
- 49 prophetic years earlier was Dec 24, 1963. In that month the draft constitution of the PLO was written
- 80 prophetic years earlier was June 5, 1933. Hitler was sworn in Jan 30, 1933 (126 days earlier (7x18)
- Interesting that this is also the 102nd day of year because leap year. 6x17 meaning falling short of victory

May 26 2012 is the day I believe is the rapture. It is the 147th day of year because of leap year. 147 was the age of Jacob when he died. (3x7x7) representing divine fullness and perfection. Interesting that the day after we leave is May 27, 2012 and 6 years prior on May 27, 2006 was the Java earthquake killing 6600. Again 6 in opposition to God
Also Israel became a nation on May 14, 1948 30 days and 64 years (8x8)(new creation x new creation) later is Pentecost 2012. June 7, 1967 was 7 days before Pentecost so 7 days and 45 (5x9 finality of grace) years takes you to Pentecost 2012. Pentecost 1897 is 115 years before 2012 (5x23)(expectation of divine fullness of grace)
I believe Feast of Trumpets Sept 17, 2012 is the beginning of satan’s “hour” 7 prophetic years earlier was Oct 24, 2005 . This was the 7th day of feast of tabernacles and the 8th day Simchot Torah was the 25th. On Oct 26, 2005 the Iranian leader gave his speech on “a world without Zionism” Sept 17, 2012 is the 261st day of the year 3x3x29(expectation of complete and final judgement)

How did I arrive at these numbers
I knew that Revelation talks a lot about a final 1260 day period in which the antichrist wants to duplicate Jesus 1260 day period of ministry. I know that it is 2550 days from Sept 29 Feast of trumpets (DOW dropping 777 points) to Day of Atonement September 23,2015 (Which is tied to Jerusalem with Daniels 70 weeks) That leaves 1290 days for the beginning period. Daniel 12:11 says there will be 1290 days until the abomination of Desolation is set up (anti Christ) and blessed is he who attains to 1335 days.
Sept 29, +1290=April 11, 2012
Sept 29 +1335 =May 26, 2012 (Pentecost starts after 6pm this day)
April 11,2012 + 1260=Sept 23,2015

Jesus’ ministry was actually ½ year of baptized, 40 days of wilderness and calling some disciples. His public ministry began on Passover 30ad until Passover 33ad. So his public ministry was 3 years. (his “hour”)
Antiochus Epiphanes a type of anti Christ profaned the temple of God for 1100 days and was cleansed on the 1101st day (older manuscripts of Daniel 8;14 read 2200 days rather than 2300 for proper cleansing). Feast of Trumpets ( which has many idioms for it including the Time of Jacob’s Trouble) Sept 17, 2012 to Day of Atonement Sept 23, 2015 is the same 1100 days. The 1101st (9-23-2015)being the day cleansed
There are 70 jubilees from the entrance into the promised land in 1422bc which takes you to Passover 2009 where symbolically Jesus’ 3 year ministry would be inserted into what now is the final week of years of man.

Interesting tidbits:
Lamech lived to be 777 years old he died 5 years before the flood. The flood was the 6th year and the first born was the 8th year. The dow dropped 777 points. At the beginning of the 8th year after the dow dropped is the beginning of the new creation

Moses life represents the 6000 years of man. At age 40 Moses killed the Egyptian supposing this was the way to rescuing the Israelites. After 1/3 of man’s time Abraham had Ishmael rather than waiting on God for Isaac. At 80 years Israelites freed from slavery and given 1st covenant. At 2/3 of man’s time Jesus was born crucified and we were freed from slavery of sin and given 2nd covenant. At 120 Moses time was up and went to heaven. Our time is up very soon. The 40 represents 40 jubilees which is 1960 years. From Adam to Abraham's calling at 75 (Gen 12:1) is 2023 years (40 jubilees +63 years (9x7)) From Adam to Isaac the promised son is 2048 years (40 jubilees+ 88 years) From Isaac the promised son to Jesus the Son of God is 1951 years (40 jubilees –9 (finality from father), and from the blessing of Gen 12:1 is 1976 years (40 jubilees + 16 years (2x8). Additional 33 years is 2009 years (40 jubilees + 49 years (7x7). Jesus resurrection was divine perfection of divine perfection The Holy Spirit is then 1979 years ((40 jubilees + 19 years) 2012-33. The time periods also represent the Father (Adam to Abraham), the Son (Isaac to Jesus), and the Holy Spirit (church). Again 3 represents divine fullness. Also the significance of 19 to God. (calendar of 19 cycles, Holy Spirit additional 19 years, 19 between 606 and 587, 537 and 518, and 1948 and 1967.

Gestation period of baby is 280 days (7x40) divine perfection of new creation

Numbers 5:11 talks of adultery test using bitter water. The woman’s abdomen would swell and her thigh would waste away. Rev 9:11 talks of Wormwood falling and making the water bitter and many men dying. Sounds like the adultery test The penalty for anyone caught in adultery was death by stoning. Rev 16:21 talks of huge hailstones falling on the earth. Is this the death by stoning for adultery against God for forsaking His covenants.

Daniel’s vision in Daniel 8 which talks about cleansing the temple (which I believe will be done on Day of Atonement 9-23-15) talks about a ram and a goat which is associated with the Day of Atonement in Lev 16. Aaron was commanded to bring in a ram for a burnt offering and 2 goats to present before the Lord-one ended up being the scapegoat and the other the sin offering. This was in 551 bc, 2015 will be 2565 years later (3x3x3x5x19) finality from the father of the fullness of grace )

The dome of the rock was completed on the Temple Mount in 691 ad. It is 2310 years to 3001(3x7x11x10)

The Temple Mount is located at Mt. Moriah where Abraham bound Isaac for sacrifice.
The flood in 2344bc to cleansed temple in 165 bc is 2179 years. From 165bc when the temple was cleansed to Day of Atonemnt 2015 when temple cleansed again is 2179 years. (2x9x11x11)
The divided kingdom in 945 bc to 473 bc (type of antichrist and victory over) is 472 years. From 473 to 1 bc when Herod decreed to kill all jewish babies and Jesus as baby was saved is 472 years.
From 1462 bc Exodus to 473 bc (type of antichrist and victory over) is 989 years and 2012 antichrist to 3001 Tabernacles is 989 years. Birth of Isaac in 1952 to completed temple in 963 is 989 years

God’s calendar

All these patterns, numbers and dates put together a solid argument for the following
September 29, 2008 feast of trumpets new beginning of Daniel’s 70 th week
Passover 2009 Jesus’ 3 year public ministry inserted
April 11, 2012 anti-christ ½ week begins
May 26, 2012 rapture pentecost
September 17, 2012 feast of trumpets antichrist 3 years of profaning
September 14, 2015 feast of trumpets Christ returns
September 23, 2015 Day of Atonement Temple cleansed

Then the night of the beginning of the feast of Tabernacles I had an idea. (I believe from God) Use the jewish calendar and its 19 year cycle assigning each year a day beginning with the beginning of the year that God commanded Moses after the exodus, Nisan 1. WOW this amazes me every time I look at it. Before I wrote this down I believed in a 1462 exodus date (even though the jubilees did not seem right at the time. I was thinking the jubilees should take you to 2015) and a 1bc birth of Christ date. (due to research by John Pratt)

Hebrew calendar that God is using for mankind
The calendar we use is a solar calendar of 365 days a year and a leap day every 4 years to try to keep with the 365.2422 day per year average of one solar year. The calendar God gave Israel is a lunar-solar calendar with months based on the moon's length of 29.5+ days. The jewish calendar then is made up of 6 months of 29 days and 6 months of 30 days in a normal year of 354 days. Then to keep up with the solar year the jewish calendar adds leap months of 30 days in year 3,6,8,11,14,17 and 19. These years are then 384 days long. This is the cycle used every 19 jewish years to allign with the solar cycle.

God has reckoned a day as a year in the bible. Examples are numbers 14:34 with the spies and
Ezekiel's 430 days in Ezekiel 4.
If you were to do the reverse and reckon each year as a day and assign the first year of mortality the first day of the jewish year and the second year as the second day of the jewish year and follow the 19 year cycle that God handed down, it would look as follows

4007-4001 bc According to the book of Jubilees Adam lived one perfect week of years and sinned in the eighth
4000 bc Nisan 1 The year Adam sinned and began mortality
3999 bc Nisan 2
3998 bc Nisan 3….etc
3994bc Nisan 7 first sabbath
3823bc Tishri 1
What I am trying to say is the year 1462 (for example) is the year called Nisan 1
The Exodus happened on passover in the year 1462 called Nisan 1
Christ was crucified on passover and resurrected on first fruits in the year 33 ad called first fruits.
These years represent hebrew years beginning Tishri 1 to Adar 29
Our gregorian year is from Jan 1 to Dec 31. Tishri begins in Sept so approx 4 months off
cycle 1 354 years(days) (4000-354) =3646 bc Nisan 1
cycle 2 354 years(days) 3292bc Nisan 1
leap 3 384 years(days) 2908bc Nisan 1
cycle 4 354 years(days) 2554bc Nisan 1
cycle 5 354 years(days) 2200bc etc
leap 6 384 years(days) 1816bc
cycle 7 354 years(days) 1462bc (year of exodus of Israel)
leap 8 384 years(days) 1078bc
cycle 9 354 years(days) 724bc
cycle 10 354 years(days)370bc
leap 11 384 years(days)15ad
cycle 12 354 years(days) 369
cycle 13 354 years(days) 723
leap 14 384 years(days) 1107
cycle 15 354 years(days) 1461
cycle 16 354 years(days) 1815
leap 17 384 years(days) 2199
cycle 18 354 years(days) 2553
leap 19 384 years(days) 2937 Nisan 1
64(8x8)years(days)left 3001
Notice 1bc (hebrew year birth of Christ) becomes the exact center of ascending and descending numbers

year 3001 will be the year called Pentecost/Shavuout

Dates to notice on the above calendar

2bc the year called Adar 14-Feast of Purim(victory over Haman-type of antichrist)
John the Baptist born and Jesus conceived by Holy Spirit
1bc (Hebrew Year)the year called Adar 15-Feast of Purim(2 day feast) Jesus born Tishri 15
John the Baptist started ministry in 29 ad year called feast of unleavened bread- Nisan 15
Christ baptized in 30ad year called Nisan 16 ( 2nd day of unleavened bread)
Christ begins hour of ministry at age 30 in 30ad =2nd day of unleavened bread
Christ dies + resurrects in 33 ad called First fruits
2377 called Tishri 1(when jewish calendar actually changes years)
2344 bc -Flood- 33 days after new year (3x11) divine fullness of incompleteness (Jesus 33 when died)
2343 bc-New earth-34 days after (2x17) witness spiritual victory
2342 bc-Firstborn- 35 days (5x7) perfection of grace
598-597 bc 9th and 10th of Av -2nd siege against southern kingdom
538 bc called Tishri 10 (day of atonement)
Daniel's vision of 70 weeks (gregorian year 539 nov/dec)
Cyrus conquers Babylon (gregorian year 539 october)
473 bc year called Kislev 16
called Kislev 16 (possibly first day of no sacrifices from Antiochus Epiphanes)
Haman a type of antichrist and victory over
2001ad Tishri 10
2006 ad called 1st day of Feast of tabernacles
2012 called last and geatest day (7th)of Feast of Tabernacles Tishri 21 (3x7)
7th day of 7th feast of 7th month when jews believe judgement is sealed
Is 2012 the last day that the Holy Spirit will tabernacle with man on earth?

Hebrew year 2013 called Tishri 22 (2x11) judgement for jews begins
Hebrew year 2016 called Tishri 25 (5x5) grace x grace
With this calendar you can also assign each year a day of the week
Every 7th day is a Saturday or the Sabbath
3994bc was the 1st sabbath
1460 bc was a sabbath-the year they were supposed to enter the promised land
1026 bc was a sabbath- the year king David started his reign of the southern kingdom
1019 bc was a sabbath- the year king David sarted his reign of the united kingdom
year 4007 bc inclusive- 1019 bc=2989 years (61 jubilees)
963 bc sabbath-temple started in 480th year after exodus(983bc 1 kings 6:1) 20years to build-1Kings 9
year 4000bc inclusive -963bc =3038 years (62 jubilees)
515 bc was a sabbath -2nd temple dedicated ? 448 years later (7x8x8)
1bc was a Tuesday (jewish tradition was that the groom comes for his bride early on Tuesday night)
33ad was the morrow after the sabbath (leviticus 23:10,11) first fruits
2950ad nisan 14 passover
2951 sabbath after passover
2952 morrow after sabbath
3001 year called pentecost 49 days later-the beginning of the 8th day
If you do this same calendar with the Enoch fixed calendar of 364 days:
Calendar is from book of jubilees, handed down by angel to Enoch
Start from year 4007bc because book of jubilees counts from there
4 seasons of exactly 13 weeks of 7 days (creation,divine perfection and fullness)
19 cycles take you to the year 2910ad
exactly (1) 91 day season short of year 3001 ad(7x13) diven perfection of divine fullness
Day 1 is Nisan 1 , 14th is passover, 187th is atonement, 192nd is tabernacles, etc
605bc 9th of AV-first siege of Judah
Jesus turns 12 (can go into temple) on nisan 14 passover
2004ad is atonement
2009 is 1 tabernacle
2015 is 7 tabernacle
2016 is Simchat Torah the 8th day

Christ sets up millenial reign of 1000 prophetic(360 day) years on September 23, 2015
(This is hebrew year 2016 which started Tishri 1)
1000x360/365.2422=985.6473 solar years
2016 Tishri 10(september 23) + 985.64 years=3001 tishri 10 + .64 year
.64x365.2422=233.76 days
3001 tishri 10 +233 days= around pentecost 3001
After the 1000 year reign Satan is to be let loose for a short time (rev 20:7)
Is he let loose and locked up by Adar 29 the last day of Hebrew year 3000
Feast of trumpets 3001(hebrew year) until day of atonement 3001 (hebrew year) dead are judged (rev 20:11+)
Wedding feast is fulfilled at 7 day feast of tabernacles in 3001 and then the 8th day is the final eternal tabernacle of God with man
143 jubilees are complete (11x13)(divine completeness of incompleteness) trumpet of jubilee is sounded on Day of Atonement beginning of counting of 144th jubilee
4007 to 3001=7007 years (143x49)
144th jubilee is eternity (12x12x7x7) WOW!!!!!!!
1000 year reign is for rest of land from sin.
Israel committed 430 years of sin and land rested 70 years
430/7=61 missed sabbaths 430/49=8 missed jubilee sabbaths + 1 extra jubillee at beg.
sept 23,2015 is after 6015 years
6015/7=859 6015/49=122 + 1 extra jubilee at beg. 859+122+1=982 years of rest from sin required
The millenial reign lasts 985 years from 9-23-2015 to 9-22-3000 (Tishri 1 begins hebrew year 3001) which is the beginning of year 7001 and therefore 8th day(the .64 year takes you to Pentecost of 3001)
Is Satan let loose after the 982 years required of the land to rest and then battle of Gog and Magog occurs.


  1. I stumbled on your post while researching the number of jubilee's Israel has experienced. This is quite interesting. The Lord has been revealing information to me as well this year. I wasn't looking for anything simply asked Him to tell me who He is and He began to take me on a journey through scripture. Much of the information you have He has also given to me; I find that fascinating. What the Lord gave to me however was a story; the story of mankind from the garden to the great white throne. It evolved into a most incredible book and I am currently getting ready to build a website to post it at no cost. I think you would be extremely interested in my research. It s an easy read for one who knows scripture. I did date set and am not ashamed of it. God told us of His firt coming and as well He has told us of His 2nd. Sept 23, 2015 us the midway point of the Tribulation and the Bride will be here for the firs half which begins April 16, 2012. Send me an email address and I will send you my book. The title is Walk Like Enoch Fly Like Elijah. Keep up the good work.

    Jaklyn Cohen

  2. Amazing. My wife and I have been tearing this apart for the longest, and God has showed us incredible things. We had a near perfect fit to your senario, I was just off a couple months of satans reign, and then you you flawed us with all the math put into this, fantastic stuff. The biggest struggle we had was the start of the tribulation, I knew there would be no peace treaty with Israel and prbably no temple, I assume the covenant with many is probably the NWO. In a nutshell these are the end time and I notice people like us today are being blessed by God and He is showing us things that theolosians have been scratching their heads over for thousands of year. Also, the deeper we dig into the scriptures and understand the evil of the government, Nephilim, Planet X, Galactic alignment, cults talking about higher knowledge coming ( which I believe will a shor term paranormal power they have while the galactic alignment, bottom line, this world is about to get beyond weird. ........ Thanks for the post...........Jesus Saves!!!

  3. Hi Jay,
    Just wanted to tell you I am published. Google also it's announced on youtube at walk like enoch fly like elijah.

    I think what I have written may help you in your quest for truth. Praise the Lord n keep seeking.


  4. I have come to similar conclusions by observing the NWO crowd, scripture and Mark Blitz's info on blood moons...though I believe the "rapture" is shown in Rev 15:12-16, just prior to the harvest of the "vine of the earth" or the grapes of wrath...on which I could place no date. I have been looking for major events to take place form March-May 2012, possibly global financial collapse leading to the "mark of the beast", which I suppose could come by Sept 2012,a 6 month time frame.

  5. Jesus said me:``Be prepared for the rapture before the 8 th september 2012´´.