Saturday, November 21, 2009

blessing of Birchat Hachama

The Jewish people say a blessing of the sun every 28 years. When I read about it the rabbi said he has no idea why they say it except for the fact that every 28 years they believe the sun is back in its original position of creation. They also know it is divisible by 7 so it has some significance. 250 x 28 =7000. So on the 250th (5x5x5x2) blessing the sun would be back in the same position it was before mortality. My belief is that Jesus went back to heaven in the year 4032 of mortality or 33ad. 144x28= 4032 So in the 144th blessing the sun is back in the original place and the SON is back where He belongs also. And remember the 144th jubilee is eternity

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