Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Number of moons in 7000 years

In my previous blog I referred to the Jewish calendar and the cycle of 19 years which is called a metonic cycle where 19 jewish years of 235 months = 19 solar years and then the 19 year cycle of when to add the leap months starts over again. As I also said I believe God has designed 7000 years for this fallen world and then will be the 144th Jubilee-eternity. This metonic cycle is off about 6 minutes every 19 years so every 224 years the jewish calendar falls behind 1 day, so in 7000 years the jewish calendar will fall behind about 31 days (7000/224=31.25) or a little more than 1 moon. Now look at how many moons are in 7000 years. 7000 years/19=368.4210526 x 235(moons per 19 years)=86,578.94737 moons in 7000 years. Then add in the 1 extra that the metonic cycle will fall behind in 7000 years will give you 86,580 moons in 7000 years which is 13 x 10 x 666. Divine ordained completeness of the number of satan. After 7000 years satan is locked up for good. Praise God!!

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