Sunday, October 10, 2010

1st new post

The last several months I have been posting on the five doves website but the moderator is keeping me from posting any proofs about a very likely pentecost 2012 rapture, so I will return to here for now.

As a summary this is what I believe.
9-29-08 Beginning of Daniel's 70th week
4-11-12 (1290 days from 9-29-08)Satan is cast down and the abomination of desolation is accomplished
5-26-12 (1335 days from 9-29-08)pentecost begins at 6p.m. and ends 6 p.m. 5-27
9-14-15 Jesus returns to get jewish remnant in Petra
9-14-15 to 9-23-15 "10 days of awe"
9-23-15 culmination of God's wrath and Satan locked
9-28-15 beginning of millenial reign

other interesting dates
2-6-11 something major with the division of Jerusalem or temple. I lean towards the division
4-2-12 possible resurrection of dead=they will then have 54 days to witness before rapture
4-5-12 passover begins 6 p.m.- most likely time of 2 witnesses begin

hopefully I will have time soon to start posting again and I will start with why Sep 29, 2008 was the start of the 70th week

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