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Why Daniels 70th week began sept 29, 2008

Why would the Dow dropping 777 points on the feast of trumpets on sept 29, 2008 be the start of Daniel’s 70th week? I asked myself and God that question many times. Obviously three 7’s seems somewhat significant since 7 is God’s number of divine perfection and it did happen on the feast of trumpets 7 years before He is expected to return. But there has to be more to it.
Well there is. It has to do with 2 things. First with the numbers 777 and second with the fact that the feast of trumpets sept 29, 2008 was the beginning of jewish year 2009.
From Leviticus 26 and Ezekiel 4 we find that the northern kingdom’s punishment should last for 7x390 years or 2730 years. History tells us the northern kingdom siege started in either 725 bc or 724 bc. The bible tells us it lasted 3 years so 725-722 bc or 724-721 bc.

Simple math reveals these two dates tied to Israel miraculously taking over Jerusalem.

(Elul 8)August 8, 518 bc+2520 proph years= June 7, 1967
-most likely the decree to start rebuilding 2nd temple

(Elul 8) August 14, 725 bc + 2730 proph years =June 7, 1967
-most likely start of northern kingdom siege

I believe this would be God’s stamp that the siege started in 725bc.
Also. from August 14, 725 bc + 2730 solar year= August 14, 2006. That was the morning the UN ceasefire went into effect for the 2nd Lebanon war with Israel.
August 14, 2006 +777 days = Sept 29, 2008 when the dow dropped 777 points on the feast of trumpets marking the last 7 jewish years. God gave us these markers
Why is this important?
If the siege on the northen kingdom lasted until 722 bc and you add 2730 years to that it takes you to 2009. Feast of trumpets sept 29, 2008 started jewish year 2009. This is when Daniel’s 70th week started, at the end of the 2730 years of punishment of the northern kingdom
The 69th week ended and “sacrifice was abolished” (Dan 12:11) when Jesus finished His atoning work. The gospel went to the gentiles. The 2730 years of punishment ended. The 70th week started where the 69th week ended with sacrifice abolished.
Another interesting tidbit is that sept 29, 2008 was Gregorian calendar day # 273 when the 2730 years ended.
Now onto the number 777. 7x7x7=343 The Hebrew word for “weeks” in Daniels 70 weeks prophecy can also mean multiple 7’s referring to the jubilee period of 7x7. So it could read 70 x7x7 or 3430 years from when the jubilee started being counted when the jewish people entered the promised land.
If creation was 4000bc jewish year (LIKE MY CALENDAR OF YEARS SHOWS) then according to the bible, the entrance to the promised land was 1422bc. If you add 3430 years to 1422 bc you come to 2009 again. Feast of trumpets sept 29, 2008. Again the beginning of the 70th week.
Then according to Joshua 14, the land was not divided until 7 years later. So they did not receive their inheritance until 1415 bc. 1415 bc + 3430 years=2016. Feast of trumpets sept 14, 2015 is the beginning of jewish year 2016.
Secondly Clay Cantrell on five doves astutely pointed out that Isaac is a type of Christ and when Abraham’s servant goes to get Isaac’s bride Rebekah it is a picture of the Holy Spirit bringing Christ His bride-the church. Therefore 343 stands for the bride of Christ.
It is interesting that in scripture Jacob worked 7 years for Rachel. He was tricked into marrying Leah. He waited 7 days then to marry Rachel which he had to work another 7 years for. Notice three 7’s again. And at the end of the 7 additional years, he was done working for his bride. Beginning of jewish year 2009 God showed us three 7’s and 7 years later He will be done working for His bride.
Interesting also in scripture is that the geneology of the book of Genesis shows the following. Serug whose name means branch (Jesus is called the branch) becomes a father after 1849 years so 2151bc if mortality began in 4000bc. 343 years later is 1808 bc. (2151-343=1808). Genesis geology shows that 1808 bc was when Jacob was 84 and married Leah and Rachel (the three 7’s).
All very compelling evidence that Daniel’s 70th week started September 29, 2008.

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