Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miners rescue had rapture written all over it

The miner’s rescue was all over the world news on October 13th. I saw the headlines on the Jerusalem Post reading after 69 days the miners are rescued through 2041 ft tube.

The number 69 always reminds me of Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy about 69 weeks until Messiah, both at His first coming and second coming. The number 2041 was a familiar number since I had just posted the day before on the number 157 being a rapture number and Clay Cantrell showing how 527, 157 and 343 are all related.

So I looked at the number 2041 and the day count to 5-26-12 the beginning night of pentecost

2041=13x157 I just posted how 157 is a rapture number
It was exactly 2041 years form Enoch being raptured in 3013 bc to the temple being completed in 972 bc

2041=273(church) +1495 (sum hebrew alphabet) +273

2041=343 x3 + 253 x 4 253=11x 23 judgement and death

2041=989 (gematria harpazo)+ 2x526 referring to 5-26 or May 26

May 26, 2012 is 591 days form October 13, 2010 when this happened
2041-591=1450=29(departure) x 50(holy spirit)

Because of the 69 I also looked at Sept 23, 2015 when the 69 weeks of years form Daniel’s prophecy will end
It is 1806 days until 9-23-15 = 42x43
-42 is Gods number for the coming of Jesus
-43 is for division

Just the picture of the miners ascending up the 2041 ft tube itself is a picture of the rapture of the church being saved from this world and being “rescued to a new world”

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