Thursday, October 14, 2010

343 decimal=527 octal=157 hexadecimal

Interesting how 343, 527 and 157 are related. I have been studying the number 157 because to me it is a clear rapture number. Isaiah 26:20 and Zeph 2:3 are clear rapture verses.

Is 26:20 strong’s concordance gematria=1884=12x157

Zeph 2:3 strong’s concordance gematria=3453 22x157=3454 so 1 off

But if you take the part of the verse “it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger” the strong’s concordance gematria adds up to 870=343+527

Also Rev 14:1-5 talk about the 144,000 with the Lamb who are the firstfruits(pentecost). I believe this is the church. Rev 14:2 is verse #30929=157x197

Also 144,000=527.1612175 x 273.1612175


Enoch translated 3013 bc

3013bc to 2012=5024 years=32 x 157

Solomon’s temple completed 972 bc

3013 bc to 972 bc= 2041 years=13x157

972 bc to 2012= 19x157

Enoch born 3378 bc

Jacob marries Leah and Rachel 1808 bc

3378-1808=1570 years=10x157

Terah born 2122bc


Serug meaning the branch(Jesus is the Branch) born 2181 bc

2181 bc to 3001 ad (the 7001st year)=5181=33x157

-there will be 7000 years just like 7 days of creation, 7001 begins eternity

-the year 3001 is called the year Pentecost on the calendar God showed me

Enoch translated 3013bc

30013bc-2181 bc (Serug)= 832 =2x 416 greek gematria of Jared

2012-3001=989 gematria of harpazo 989=832+157

Also Pentecost is all about the marriage Of God’s people to God.

G1062-gamos-meaning wedding or marriage festival has a gematria of 314=2x157

Once I believe it is in Nehemiah 13:31 the hebrew word bikkuwr meaning first fruits has an original text gematria of 314

Pentecost 33 ad to Pentecost 2012=1979= 726+527+726

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